Join our many happy customers for professional grooming of your furry friends.



Doggie Don's has a full-time professional grooming staff to style and pamper your pet 7 days a week. We only use the best-quality products to provide a soothing and cleansing experience that will leave your doggie looking and feeling great!

Our signature treatments include:

  • Styling & Haircuts – Board Certified professional groomers skillfully groom your dog into their full beauty potential

  • Bathing –Full shampoo and conditioning with natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable products from Envirogroom and Kelco Means Natural

  • Brush & Hand Drying with Blowout – Doggie Don's prides itself on being one of the only groomers in the area to use exclusive drying techniques to leave your dogs skin and hair smooth and shiny

  • Ear Cleaning, Anal Glands Expression, Nail Clipping/Grinding – We cover it all from nose to tail (and everything in between) to make your pet healthy and happy

Additional services include de-shedding, medicated flea bath, sanitary trim, de-matting, face/feet/tail trim